One thought on “Daily Reading (May 23, 2009)

  1. Ida being overblown isn’t surprising – it is also the ‘Year for Darwin’ celebrations, so I expect some of the hoopla will be passed off to him, anyway.

    Isn’t Ida’s age out of this world, though? I mean to say, it is generally not polite company to discuss feminine ages, and all, but in her case she hardly looks a century over a thousand years (or ten), in some respects. But, much, MUCH older than some would have it.


    So, sure! She’s ‘probably not’ the missing link, and yes, I can get along and still be happy with my life. Ida is one specimen in 47-Million years worth of iterations, wouldn’t you agree? I think that it is relatively certain that in a finite amount of time, a more closely related anthropoid ancestor will be found – though probably not from Ida’s resting place.

    Sadly, no man knoweth the time or hour, though, for the above prediction.

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