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Hi, I’m Steve. This blog is my space for my own personal opinions on (largely) whatever I’m thinking about at the moment. I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you’re enjoying yourself. My interests tend from economics and politics (where I have no training at all) to religion, law, and philosophy (where I do have training).

I’m a middle-aged single Christian guy working as a local pastor in Canada.

3 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Kevin Holsapple says:

    Hi Steve,
    This is just a short note to say that I have been reading the John Piper book (Brothers, We are not Professionals) you gave me. It is wonderful. Thanks so much!

    Kevin Holsapple

  2. joan eugenio says:

    hi! i’m a baptist christian residing in the philippines. i found your blog about sylvanas windrunner when i tried “googling” for a picture of her.

    it’s a pleasant surprise for me to read from one of your blogs how you are able to look into computer games (warcraftIII, for instance) and perceive truths (such as the fallen state of man). i belong to a church where some prominent members think that computer games are mostly “evil”, yet i think otherwise. i try to convince them that not all computer games are such, and that so many insights can be fished out of those leisure softwares.

    i am a gamer, & i also believe that the Lord uses even computer games to channel even the simplest of truths.

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