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Culture Shocking

Okay, I know I’ve spent time here before.

The problem is that this time I recognize a lot, and yet still everything is a little alien. 

It’s a little like the feeling an expat gets when he returns to his home country, save that at least here everybody expects me to be a little out of it for a while.

So tonight I’m wandering around the downtown of my new city. There are still foreigners here, though they are less common than in Seoul. Koreans here are more likely to try out their English on me, and you can tell that the clothing styles and the accent are all slightly different. 

I guess that comes from being in a “small” town (about the same population as my entire home province, as opposed to the combined population of Canada’s 5 largest cities). I only hope that they’re friendly here for more than English practice. This is going to be a long 3 years if I can’t make some friends down here.


2 thoughts on “Culture Shocking

  1. Chris says:

    Give it some time, Steve. Friends don’t just spring up overnight. You grow in friendships.

  2. When I read your ‘Culture shocking’ , so feel sorry.

    I want your good friend not english practice man.

    I’ll always pray for you and your ministry in Korea church.

    I hope that you will become happy fastly.

    When you need a help-man, call me.

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