A response to an article on facebook.

One of my friends posted an article on Christians and homosexuality on his facebook page, and then asked for thoughtful response. I am going to attempt that here (the jury’s out on whether or not I’ve succeeded), but given the length involved, it wasn’t an easy task, so I’m putting it on my website, so […]

Scandalous Mercy (wherein is expounded the difference between unmerited favour and favour despite evil; how one is a greater scandal to my self-righteousness)

When I was much younger and only beginning to really explore the Christian faith, I remember creating an abridged version of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. Strongly reformed, even the 1962 Canadian version of the standard prayer book for Anglicans bore strong overtones of the reformation that gave voice to the original prayer books […]

Hearts in the Right Place?

I know it’s strange to say this: but I really don’t like how some people are nice to me in traffic. It isn’t everything nice that people do, but today when I was trying to turn left from a busy street into a bookstore parking lot in the city I live in, someone on the […]

Evangelism as showing Christ to be Glorious

In my last post, I talked about how I now believe that Paul’s view of the Christian mind, as shown in Romans 12:1-3 is a fundamental alteration in the way a Christian processes their world and their place in it. It isn’t simply that we exchange a “worldly” set of opinions for a “Christian” one.From […]