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So, it’s New Years 2020. I’m kind of amazed at how quickly time flies, and even as I say that, I have a slight grimace on my face. I remember saying many years ago (back when the end of high school seemed like it was so far in the future) that that couldn’t be the case… but I guess I stand corrected.

Anyway, at this time of year, it’s traditional to come up with some New Years Resolutions. One of mine for this year is to again resurrect my blog and publish on it regularly. As to how regularly… I’m working on it, but it is an occupational hazard of the introvert to keep thoughts to ourselves and so often become arrogant and self-assured of our opinions even when we really might not know what we’re talking about. It’s even more of an occupational hazard in a day and age like ours, where something we said back in the last century can come back to haunt us, so we stay silent, and never have our wrong opinions questioned. 

This isn’t very good for introverts, and its not very good for the body politic, so I guess I need to come out and say stuff. After all, as a conservative evangelical, any political ambitions I may have had are likely now shot anyway.

So I’m going to say what I think on things. I’m not aiming to be controversial (though I likely will be sometimes… though more commonly I’ll be boring), but I am going to aim to be accurate. Life is too short to be believing incorrect things, so throwing out my ideas to the questionable light of the internet might be helpful in getting closer to correct. 

So here goes. Welcome to the ride, dear readers.