Al Mohler, Baptism, Homosexuality, theology

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Baptism: 17 statements agreed to by a paedeobaptist and a ctredobaptist

Mondays: After preaching on Sunday, what should a pastor’s Monday look like?

Homosexuality and Heresy: Al Mohler believes that Heresy precedes Homosexuality in the Church.

New Book: D.A. Carson comments on John Piper’s upcoming response to N.T. Wright and the “New Perspective”.


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  1. The Biblical Preaching guy is right on. Giving a sermon is exactly like giving birth. A fifteen-minute speech that’s literally preaching to the choir is just like nine months of discomfort followed by two days of unbelievable pain and eighteen years of servitude. I totally agree. In fact, I’d like to meet him so I can pull his lip over his head and then consider his opinions about childbirth.


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