Online Reading (July 18, 2008)

Law: Courts in Pakistan say that two kidnapped Christian girls “converted” to Islam and so cannot be returned to their families.

Environment: A theological thinking about ecology when we believe the world is going to end.

Morality: Albert Mohler comments on Rational Choice Theory as a basis of morality.

Campus Ministry: John Stackhouse provides some reflection on engaging the university.

Online Reading (November 21, 2007)

Iraq: Some Iraqis are returning home. (Note: this is a big deal if the beeb is actually reporting it).

Anglicans: Seems the Church of my birth is inching towards full schism. Unfortunately, neither side of the schism would be an acceptable choice of a Church for me (if you want reasons, you can buy me a coffee and we can talk).

Law: Defamation law too difficult for you here in North America (making you prove real harm, etc.?) Sue in the UK!

Freak Dancing: I may be officially old now, but I’m with Al Mohler on the concept of “Freak Dancing”.

Online Reading (October 30, 2007)

Family: Al Mohler reports on a sociologist who believes that the family is a central basis for democracy.

Statistics: Interesting numbers about Americans and their opinions on Evangelicals.

Legalities: Apparently, trying to ship motor oil on an airplane is a very serious offense. Even for poor missionaries helping war orphans in Sudan.

Safety: Car seats, not just for cars anymore.

Online Reading, September 28, 2007

(in)Justice: fearful of the desires of their people, the “noble” and powerful Burmese Junta cracks down on peaceful protesters.

Technology: Non-gas vehicles come a step closer to reality.

Conference: Today I am missing yet another desiringGod conference. At least they’re putting up the audio messages.

Evangelism: Al Mohler comments on the newest surge in evangelism through Church planting. He also calls for pastors to revitalize the already established Church.

Online Reading (September 24, 2007)

Worship: John Stackhouse explains why he is not in love with Jesus.

Culture: Referring to Diana West’s new book, Albert Mohler opinies about the extension of adolesence.

More Culture: Canada recieves applications to start Sharia-law banks.

Protest: The military junta is facing religious opposition. Buddhist monks are protesting for the 7th straight day