Trying Times?

Click on the title, it’ll bring you to what I think is a very good article.

It got me to thinking, though. Perhaps one of the difficulties with the Church is (surprise, surprise) me. I talk a good talk when it comes to the centrality of Christ in preaching and Christian discourse, but how often is my life discernibly centered on Christ? I don;t mean to those outside, but when I look in the mirror on my own life (the scriptures), do I see someone recognizably seized of the Lord of the universe?

If we are ever to silence the naysayers and skeptics about the truth of Jesus Christ, the reality of a loving, powerful and just God, and the need to repent and believe, people like me need to live with Christ as highest in our affections. The result will be that I would be so transformed by God that people would know the reality of it all.

The problem is that that transformation is an act of God. Into my life, to rule my life; Come Lord Jesus come!