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I was out to lunch

A couple of days ago I vented on an argument I had with a friend. After speaking to a mentor of mine, and reflecting a little on the scriptures, I came to the conclusion that I was out of line. I think often times I have a pharisee complex when it comes to other people. This is surprising, since I have my own abiding sins, ones that I believe should be met with far less patience than a possible lie by implication.

reflecting on 1 John 5:16-17, I remembered why some sin did not lead to death. The difference is a hardness of heart towards our lord, as (surprise, surprise), our lives and righteousness are in Jesus, not in us. Thus when I correct another concerning sin, especially unasked, it has to be something that seems likely to lead them from Jesus. Do I still think a lie by implication is wrong? Yes. But I think it’s beholden on me to pray for my friend on that one rather than open a can on him. Not that sin is minor, but some sin is better dealt with by a gentle word from the Holy Spirit as opposed to an open assault by a friend.

I pray that God will give me discernment on this in future.


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