all things work together (CTSC part I, St. John’s Airport)

G’day all,

Today I fly to Montreal to attend the annual conference of the Canadian Theological Students Association. I’m the rep for Queen’s College. Interestingly enough, since there was a major storm up in central Canada, I’ve already had a bit of an adventure. The flight to Halifax was cancelled (originally I was going to fly through there), so I obviously couldn’t catch my connector. I found this out in the line-up for the flight (mental note: Check flights before going to the airport).

In a strange twist, while many are bashing Air Canada, I’m quite pleased with their service. The staff member behind the desk got me onto a flight to Montreal, and was willing to do the work for me while I went out for breakfast with the friends who had brought me to the airport (who had come up after I called them to say my flight was cancelled). Interestingly enough, I had called just before they sat down to breakfast themselves. We got to talk about a lot of things I needed reaffirmation on, including my odd and growing interest in Christian environmentalism (Though from a decidedly different perspective than most, I still have serious questions about Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”), and my personal lack of a romantic attachment. Indeed, it was important to be reassured about the fact that Christians I respect and trust are also environmentally conscious while still being very clearly believers in Jesus Christ as their personal and communal savior from sin. The conference I’m going to seems a little……… left-leaning.

Many of these things (the questions I have, the cancelled flight, and the reaffirmation) could be seen as bad luck, though strangely, I can see how God is working providentially through it. I’m excited to know what else God will do through things that may seem like bad luck. Romans 8:28 seems to be true, in all cases, and especially in the things that seem bad.

Prayers are appreciated as I do this conference thing. I’ll try to blog daily about it.