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A Coffeeshop on St.-Denis

Hey Everybody,

Another in a long list of “travellog” blog posts. This Sunday I’m sitting in a 24 hour coffee shop down the street from the Hostel we’re staying in for the conference.

A few words on the conference. I enjoyed last evening, where a couple of us, after the sessions were done sat down to talk about the difficulties in the Angican Church (Me, a guy from Emmanuel-St. Chad, and a delegate from Vancouver School of Theology). I gotta say, all the trouble getting here and the possibility I’m going to have to sit through some pretty objectionable Theology, and the strange dismissive looks some people give to conservatives (not to mention strange arguments concerning the sinfulness of the marriage of hermaphrodites), if I get a bunch of conversations like that one. There’s something to be said for the fellowship that comes from honestly and openly talking to each other, and possibly disagreeing.

Montreal is an amazing city too, by the way. It’s beautiful here, but I keep thinking they need more churches. Maybe this would be a great place to plant one someday. I’d just have to get back to speaking French better. One of the other delegates (who’s actually from Ville de Quebec, but spends a lot of time here) was wearing a kuffiah and a bullet belt last evening (political quite a liberal guy), but had a lot of questions about the Bible and what conservative Christians believe. It was an awesome conversation, but it broke my heart a little more for a city this great with (seemingly) very little Christian witness. I’ll have a better idea by tonight’s entry, as I’m going to a nearby evangelical Church tonight.

Anyway, those of you who are into praying, could you pray a little for Montreal, and that Jesus Christ find this city in a big way?


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