The Glory of God in an Omelet

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

I Corinthians 10:31

It may be that I like omelets too much.

Many people are moved to worship of God by great music, decent preaching, and other more “Churchy” things. I wonder though, if at the end of time, and we’re standing before the throne of the heavenly glory that there won’t be a mass of people who have, in their own ways, led to amazing amounts of worship to God by simply doing their jobs well, especially today the guy who made my omelet.

It may be the whole “being at a Pastor’s conference” thing, but when I arrived in Louisville last night after a hugely long trip, I found myself very thankful to a whole raft of people who had simply spent time doing their jobs well. There was the concierge at the Hotel, who so kindly told me where to find a great mexican restaurant in easy walking distance, there was the waiter there, who so kindly helped me navigate the blinding array of choices for a plate of Nachos, and then let me and the two great pastors I met from South Dakota stay outside at the table and discuss the direction of theology in the west.

Then, this morning, jet-lagged as all get out (I woke up at 4 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep), the waitresses and waiters at the restaurant were so kind and helpful (even right after opening and dealing with a wide eyed Canadian pastor), and far more cheerful than anybody should be at that time of the morning. Then, the man behind the counter made one of the most amazing omelets I’ve ever had. In the end, I was looking out the window of the restaurant thankful to God for all of these people who had worked to create a good experience for me, and in the end praise God for the goodness of food, and smiles, and politeness, and a clean table.

I guess the upshot is that these people had all worked together to reflect the glory of God’s creation in a so many ways, just by doing their jobs well. While none of them spoke to me about the Gospel, all of them did impel my heart to praise God. A God who instead of wrath today, gave me a morning filled with the joy of people, and the enjoyment of good food. I am not sure that any of them knew they were leading me in worship, but they were. I am only sorry now that there have been so many times when I have been blind to God’s grace, mercy and love shown through people doing good work.

I pray that I don’t fall into blindness about this soon, I enjoy praising God for the smiling man preparing the omelets, and I pray that God will bless him as much as God has blessed me through his good work.