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Hey all,

Sorry it’s been so long on this, I actually have 3 draft blog entries I’m working on, but between papers, exams and my rockin social life (okay, I admit, I made that last one up….but I have been busy), I haven’t gotten to them.

So just a short thought today. In a class today it was mentioned that the Anglican Church needs to begin planting churches, and that there is a really good place to put one on a road leading out of St. John’s where a new subdivision is. The minister who was speaking said that the Bishop should send someone there to do that work, and just give them housing and a stipend.

So then I started musing. One of the problems I think that all Christians have in the west is our inability to actually take God at His word. He claims that if we seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all these things (referring to the necessities of life) will be added unto you (see Matthew 6:33). Now, I know that God wants people to come to Christ,
and I know many people see that. So why aren’t believing Christian
leaders simply going to their denominational authorities and saying “Hey, can you just ordain me and commission me to plant a Church in X place that seriously needs one?”.

I think I know why, and it’s the same reason I haven’t done that yet. Fear and a lack of faith. The responding question comes though, how will God ever bless the work we do in his name if we only do those things we can see as easily doable? If we don’t trust God’s word that much, is it any wonder many in our society doubt whether they should put their faith in the Lord we know?

Now I’m not saying we should go off half cocked and do things based solely on our own sense of adventure or the indigestion we’re interpreting as a prodding of the Spirit. We should look to discern callings to such things, even as we discern callings for those set apart to preach the word. But such discernments should be going on, because while we pontificate about what the Church, the Bishop, the convention or whatever authority should do, God may be simply leading us to act.

Seek first the kingdom of God.

I think next time I should talk some about discernment…

Again sorry for the delay.


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  1. Christ-bearer says:

    Looks and sounds a bit like my most recent post, Steve. They actually complement each other nicely, I think.

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