God’s Ulterior Motives

Tonight I heard a talk about the promises of God, which was quite good. It was mainly about the promises of God, and about specifically the rest that God promises in Mathhew 11.

That said, along the line the speaker claimed that God does all things out of love, and has no hidden motives. I kind of agree, and kind of don’t. I agree that God makes His motives pretty clear in scripture, but I disagree in the way people tend to hear that in the modern world.

I think that modern people are pretty self centered. We like to read the world as basically about us and what makes us happy. We’ll even proudly promote ourselves with names that Biblically refer to self-centered religion, in opposition to the one true God.

Given this framework in which we view the world, we can assume that God does stuff for love of us primarilly. He does love us, and does bless us with his love, but that’s not the primary motivation. God loves God’s glory, and that glory is shown in the way He provides for all the needs, and indeed, even the joys of those rebellious people he came to save.

In a strange way, this makes me happier when I look at the promises of God. The promises are not only good, but they are sure. God shows his love to those who trust in him because of the greatest, most sure thing in the universe, that God is glorious. When I ask “How sure are these promises”, the answer is “How sure is God’s glory? That’s how sure God’s promises are to those who love him and are called according to His purposes”.