Something Seriously Wrong, and the Promise of Christmas

One of my more thoughtful co-workers was talking about the advantage of the world ending by a zombie outbreak. The reason that he thought it a good way for the world to end was that he thought that the world would do a heck of a lot better without us humans, and there’s something poetic […]

Online Reading (March 28, 2008)

Environmentalism?: Seems the circus around the seal hunt is beginning again. History of the Church of England: A la Eddie Izzard. Very irreverent… but funny. Surfing and Church Planting: Apparently quite similar. Christian Progressivism: John Stackhouse wonders at the integrity of people who disagree with the doctrinal statements of a Church and yet draw salaries […]

Confessions of a Conversion (Samurai Jack, Paul Potts, and Christian Discipline)

Okay, first off the confession. I just bought a CD I never thought I would. It’s a CD by a winner of a TV reality show, and worse the genre is opera. The remainder of this post is going to be my reclaiming of a masculinity that now seemingly lies in tatters. First off, in […]