Online Reading, August 30, 2007

Hostages: getreligion has some really good questions surrounding the deal between the Taleban and the South Korean government. (I’d also ask how representative the Korean Council of churches is of the vast diversity of Korean evangelicalism.) Mother Theresa: while Christopher Hitchens welcomes Mother Theresa to the ranks of atheism, Al Mohler comments on the controversy. […]

Online Reading

Debate: Al Mohler (president, Southern Baptist Seminary), and Orson Scott Card (author of several Hugo and Nebula award winning novels and a devout Mormon) conclude their debate “Are Mormons Christian” Liberalism and Christianity: Gary Shavey, a pastor at Mars Hill Church, explores Liberalism in Christianity, the notes and MP3 are here. South Korean Aid Workers: […]

Bible Study comments 1: Knowing that faith is a gift of God moves us (among other lesser things) to Glory in Christ.

The Bible Study I attend in St. John’s is continuing to look into the Word of God, guided by a John Piper book, “When I Don’t Desire God” (available online by clicking on he link). Last week, they went through Chapter 4 of the book, Joy in God is a Gift of God: Doing Ourselves […]