Anti-Semitism, Community, Doubt, Unintended Consequences

Online Reading (July 17, 2018)

Community: Nancy Guthrie comments on what to do when Christians let us down (and it WILL happen)

Unintended Consequences I: Laws preventing criminals from profitting for their crimes can sometimes cause problems for other victims of the criminal.

Unintended Consequences II: When activists made sure that (non-transgendered) star Scarlett Johanssen gave up her role, it may have kept the movie from even being made.

Anti-Semitism: Get Religion points out how a flattened understanding of the relations between Judaism and Israel seems to be leading to a rise in anti-semitism.

Blessing the Community: Hannah Chao at TGC talks about a ministry of an LA Church that helps high schoolers learn skills to express themselves in film.

Struggling with Unbelief: Mark Alrtrogge has some scriptural good news for those of us who struggle with unbelief at times.