T4G Day 3

Yesterday’s messages were very good, and powerfully convicting. Though the one I found the best was not a main session, but the breakaway session for Canada. Putting aside the fact that they had little plastic laminated flags on hockey sticks, and they used the newer “official” Newfoundland flag instead of the much older tricolour, it was great to meet people from all accross Canada, and to hear the problems, the way God has been working, and a call to the kind of holiness (and here I mean real, active love for God an neighbour, not the number of Bible verses you memorize and whether your wife wears skirts or not) that will show the world that Jesus is from God, and that His Gospel is real.
That was the most convicting part, not because I’m opposed to personal holiness in the life of the Christian, but because its often easy to imagine that holiness is irrelevant to the message I try to preach. The fact is, though, that it will be difficult for people seeking real fellowship with the living God to see that if I act in my life as if God doesn’t matter. Worse, I can end up convincing myself that God is small, or a tiny part of my life unless I do battle with the sin that keeps me separate from Him. After all, how can I claim I see him as majestic, awesome and glorious, if I find the sin that opposes that glory so minor… If I treat God lightly anywhere in my life, it means God weighs lightly on me, and that isn’t what the Bible is talking about when we hear about “the fear of the Lord”.
Right now, and I hope this continues, my prayer after this conference is that I will continue to, “by the Spirit put to death the deeds of the flesh”. May God grant us all repentance.


Soli Deo Gloria