T4G Day 1

Today begins the first day of the Together for the Gospel conference here in Louisville. Yesterday’s CBMW pre-conference was very good, though a little like drinking from a fire hose. The format of the conference was short 15-30 minute speeches given in rapid fire succession over an entire afternoon. At some point in the near future, I’m going to have to reflect on my notes. As it stands, I’m sure that I’m missing some great thoughts (and maybe a few thoughts I’m going to disagree with later). I have several blog posts in the hopper for the days and weeks after I get back to NL.
The really good part of this conference though, was that I got to meet with people from all over North America that want to see Jesus made much of in the culture and in our churches. Just seeing that is refreshing, as is the small group of pastors I meet with on Wednesdays. There is a reason that Christians meet together, and it is sweet to spend time with people who desire to see people come to a joy-filled knowledge of the Lord.
This is where I’d have my greatest criticism of these conferences, but it isn’t a problem of conferences so much as a problem of being Christians and sinners. That problem is that it is so easy to get off the glory, sovereignty and majesty of God, and get lost in looking at the way the world is. I heard it both in the speakers, and in the conversations around me, and after some reflection, I notice it in my own heart. Today as I walk around and listen to speakers and the rest, I pray that I am able to keep God foremost in my affections. You’re welcome to join me in praying for that.