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Getting Back into It

I am not the greatest for discipline.

If you’ve been waiting for me to write here, you’ve been disappointed and I’m sorry.

I could say that with the new work at my local Church, I’ve gotten busier, or that the last semester of classwork has been more diffficult than expected. Both would be true, but honestly not the reason I haven’t blogged.

Nor is it really that I haven’t thought of it. I have often had the experience of thinking “gee, that’d make a great post”, and in some cases even written something down.

Nope, the fact is, I’ve been lazy.

That said, I’m hoping I’ll get a better handle on things soon. I’ve been going through some interesting things, and having some interesting thoughts. I would like to talk some about struggles I have had, give advice about reading articles, talk about some of the things I’ve been learning as a grad student, but most importantly, learning to use the gifts God has given me to bless his Church.

Watch this space, and pray I use some discipline.