Science: Why a guy should shower before a date.

Culture: Secularism takes hold in the U.S.

More Culture: Unfortunately for Newsweek, lower circulation is also taking hold.

History: Schindler’s list is found in Australia (the paper, not the movie).

One thought on “Daily Reading (April 7, 2009)

  1. “Knapp, an expert in biological anthropology at the University of Cambridge, said there were good evolutionary reasons why a woman’s ability to detect body odours should be more acute, as it could literally be an effective way to sniff out a suitable mate.”

    sniff out suitability?

    No, I’d say if it’s an evolutionary attribute at all it would be to “sniff out a stinky or unstinky mate.”

    Why does everything “evolutionary” turn us into instictive robots unable to make intelligent decisions?

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