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Online Reading (October 15, 2008)

*phew* lots to read today

Exegesis: A new site gives a tutorial on Biblical Arcing (a method of understanding texts by grapically representing the flow of the argument). If you prefer the method in a regular text, try “Interpreting the Pauline Epistles” by Tom Schreiner.

Study Bible: Speaking of which, today marks the launch of the ESV Study Bible, of which Tom Schreiner is one of the contributors. There is also a preview of the online version for the book of Matthew.

Culture: France’s political establishment warns that soccer matches in France may be called off if fans (often immigrants cheering the country of their birth)  jeer at the French National Anthem.

Pluralism: The Buddhists in South Korea are angry, believing that the Presbyterian president of the country is discriminating against them.

Law: an expression of the pain caused by legal “fishing expedition” medical malpractice filings (and the detriment to culture as a whole).

History: as an unmarried, balding, unemployed wannabe pastor with crooked legs, I am somewhat encouraged by the Historical Paul.

More History: An article debunking the idea that the majority of educated ancients believed that the world was flat (apologies to Washington Irving).