3 thoughts on “Don’t Waste Your Pulpit

  1. Dear Stephen
    I liked John Piper better then the last time I watched him on youtube. I can feel his love for the bible but for me even more important I think I could feel his love for Jesus Christ. For a moment I have to admit I got the impression that he was close to bibleatry. But then he was quite clear that it is really all about Christ and not just the bible (which I think one should never lose sight of: the bible is important because it testifies about the triune God but not of itself).
    On the other hand: Yeah, I have heard that there are pastors out there somewhere who fit John Piper’s image of wasting their pulpit – I do not know any of them, though. So is he really addressing a real problem or just a fake problem?

  2. Stephen Dawe says:

    Well, I think it’s quite a real problem, though far more common in “evangelical” circles. (I use the scare quotes for a reason). After all, this is the basis of the Joel Osteen theology…. helpful, but not necessarily Biblical.

  3. I agree with Stephen. Piper is addressing a very real problem, a problem that I was having a discussion about just tonight, actually. If people don’t hear what God has to say about everything – social justice, idolatry, false teaching, discernment, the whole gamut – then how are they going to grow more Christ-like in their thinking? After all, Jesus took the two disciples on the road to Emmaus through the entire Scripture as it testified about Him, so surely we can at least recognize that it’s going to talk about a lot more of Him than we’re hearing.

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