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The Vaguaries of Google and the Reason for Moderation.

Okay, for some reason, the graphic I have at the top of my post “Why do People Go To Hell” has been taken up by the image search at google. The result is that my website has been getting copious amounts of hits recently (at least for me). This is a weird feeling, as the post in question is one of my least favorite, and now I suddenly have some people happening by my site (and me not having written anything recently).

Unfortunately, this also makes for the reason that I set my comments to “moderate” as I have recently been getting many comments seemingly designed to vent people’s frustration with my belief structure, with very little in the way of actual reasoned response. I’ve been allowing some, but from now on I’ll delete unless there’s some kind of reasoning behind the statements.

I’ll also probably delete the ones made up almost entirely of swearing.


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