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Online Reading (January 28, 2008)

Mormonism: Gordon Hinkley dies, meaning the LDS has to find another president/prophet.

Greek Orthodox: The changing of the guard continues as Archbishop Christodoulos of the Greek orthodox Church dies.

Freedom of Expression: 90% of Americans think we should be able to express our religious faith (as long as it makes no one uncomfortable), what happened to the other 10%?

Legal weirdness: Apparently an Idaho court believes that you can copyright a cease and desist letter.

Homicidal Soldiers: Mark Steyn comments on the New York Times’ articles linking active service in the US military to murder stateside (the “Public Editor” attempts a defense here).


2 thoughts on “Online Reading (January 28, 2008)

  1. Stephen Dawe says:

    Or the percentage of each of those groups that want the rest to shut the hell up, if they believe in hell. After all, the ACLU has a lot of lawsuits trying to shut Christians up too.

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