The Best Laid Plans

So, tonight I managed to collate many of the strange paperwork things I had to do for internship. Things that had largely kept me from blogging.

I hope in the morning to begin a stretch of daily entries, and you my dear readers can get mad at me when I don’t do them. I am aiming to do one of the “online reading” segment each morning (after I do my daily Bible), and one of my own ruminations on my thoughts for the day in the evening.

I look forward to a new year of thinking and hopefully impelling others to think.

Published by Stephen Dawe

Steve is a part-time vocational elder Calvary Baptist Church, St. John's as well as a full-time student at Memorial University of Newfoundland, in the Religious Studies Department.

One thought on “The Best Laid Plans

  1. So? …

    Shall I feign a temper tantrum? Maybe I don’t have permission to get mad – after all, I’m not a daily reader. Isn’t that a chicken and egg problem?


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