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Mea Culpa

As anybody reading this has noticed, I’ve taken a week off of writing here for some reason or other. At the beginning of the break, I didn’t know why I was doing it, only that I should.

In that time I’ve spent some time looking into my own motivations for things, which could easilly be considered navel gazing, save that I think I may have been going a very wrong direction in my posts and in my argumentation. Now, this doesn’t mean I’ve come to believe that atheism or the lack of spiritual discipline in the Churches is any less incorrect, or that my opposition to them was wrong.

The problem was more one of why I was  writing. Namely, to show off my own intellect and ability rather than talk about the Glory of God in Jesus Christ in all of this. I was happy to play language and rhetoric games rather than actually get around to talking about why Jesus is so valuable, and so compelling even to a semi-educated guy in the early 21st century.

My posts of late, as I read them, drip more of bitterness and self righteousness than speaking of the beauty of what God has done through Jesus. I was happy to tell the bad news, without telling the good news.

I hope that you, the few readers that remain, will forgive me for that.

I pray that in the future, even as I comment about the negatives in the world, that I will tell you even more about the great hope I have despite all of that. I believe that in all the suffering and negatives around, God is working a glorious redemption in those who will just accept him, and believe on him rather than just his gifts. That, contrary to what we see, there will be a glorious ending in which all these things will culminate in something good, and that none of our suffering will be wasted.

Soli Deo Gloria