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Blogging and Prophecy


Sometimes a blog seems to me a study in hubris. After all, there has to be some overarching pride involved to actually spend time writing my comments in a public place for all to see.

There also may be some insanity.

After all, I have no idea if anyone will be interested in reading my take on things, so until I build an audience (a questionable eventuality at best, considering the poor update schedule I maintained at my old blog, also of this name), I am talking to myself. I’m like one of those people you see on the streets of big cities in dirty clothes muttering to themselves. Often times saying things that either make no sense, or are more offensive than their smell when they sit next to you.

So in essence, I’m volunteering to be the local crazy (though I promise to keep showering daily).

The thing is that this is also the role performed by actual prophets. No, I don’t mean those loopy end-times prophecy people, or even the political mavens crowding the left and the right at the moment (who are all backed by some form of major media). No, a real prophet generally comes in under the radar, and looks crazy.

Like the prophet Jeremiah. Much of the time he was speaking doom and gloom messages from God, though to people around him, he must have seemed a bit of a nut. Maybe that’s why people didn’t like him much.

The problem was that he was right. He was simply speaking the truth as he heard God give it to him. Did anybody hear? Sure, but that wasn’t why he spoke. He spoke because the LORD told him to, and that is the same as for any Christian. Jesus said that we will be his witnesses in Jerusalem, In Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. So we have heard from God a specific call to speak the truth we have heard; woe be it to us if we do NOT speak.

So let it begin, I shall try to speak the truth as I hear it from God through His word. I welcome comments, as well as rebuke for the pride of thinking I may speak something that God says…. though unlike Jeremiah, I’m gonna cheat. I plan to blog what I hear said through Scripture (things God’s already said).

If anybody wants to follow the Bible passages I’m reading as I go along, I’m reading the M’Cheyne plan. (it can be found here)


One thought on “Blogging and Prophecy

  1. Jeremiah’s definitely one of my favourites. He goes around telling people that they are all going to die, then wonders why nobody likes him.

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