A response to an article on facebook.

One of my friends posted an article on Christians and homosexuality on his facebook page, and then asked for thoughtful response. I am going to attempt that here (the jury's out on whether or not I've succeeded), but given the length involved, it wasn’t an easy task, so I’m putting it on my website, so [...]

Scandalous Mercy (wherein is expounded the difference between unmerited favour and favour despite evil; how one is a greater scandal to my self-righteousness)

When I was much younger and only beginning to really explore the Christian faith, I remember creating an abridged version of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. Strongly reformed, even the 1962 Canadian version of the standard prayer book for Anglicans bore strong overtones of the reformation that gave voice to the original prayer books [...]

Online Reading (July 18, 2018)

Speech and Taxes: CRA loses an interesting case in Ontario on whether the tax code can constitutionally limit the speech of charities.Biblical Criticism: Sean Macdowell talks about how the principle of embarrassment means that the Old Testament should be trusted.Persecution: World Magazine gives some examples of the very strange things being used as evidence that [...]

Online Reading (July 17, 2018)

Community: Nancy Guthrie comments on what to do when Christians let us down (and it WILL happen)Unintended Consequences I: Laws preventing criminals from profitting for their crimes can sometimes cause problems for other victims of the criminal.Unintended Consequences II: When activists made sure that (non-transgendered) star Scarlett Johanssen gave up her role, it may have [...]