Online Reading (January 31, 2020)

Bit of a monster post today. There are lots of interesting things going on: Brexit: Today the European Union loses one state as the UK leaves. Psychology:  professor claims humans hardwired to dismiss facts inconvenient to their worldview. Writing: Why is so much Christian writing, er, um, bland? Free Speech: John Stackhouse criticizes UK citiesContinue reading “Online Reading (January 31, 2020)”

Online Reading (November 27, 2019)

Sunday Worship: An interesting quote from D.A. Carson Family Conflict: Joe Carter gives some thoughts on how to deal with family conflict during the holiday season. Thanksgiving: Jon Bloom examines the Christian value in giving thanks. World Leaders: the CBC does an in-depth report on Chinese president Xi Jinping Repression: In the meantime, the APContinue reading “Online Reading (November 27, 2019)”

A Quick Case for Christian Civility

It’s a difficult time to be an online conservative Christian with a strong interest in the law and politics (and a strong aversion to populism). Since the ascent of Donald Trump to the presidency, my conservative Evangelical leanings have been considered tacit support of a populist political leader who I see as acting in bothContinue reading “A Quick Case for Christian Civility”