Online Reading (Dec. 5, 2019)

Christian Living: I don’t know what God is doing, but God knows what He’s doing

Leadership: Trust is non-negotiable in Christian Leadership

Revitalizing Churches: We need pastors to revitalize churches, Thom Rainer discusses why some pastors don’t want to take up the job.  

Culture: Apparently culture is now telling me it’s insanely bad to give someone you love an (expensive) exercise bike.

Online Reading (December 3, 2019)

Politics: The New York Times does an examination of the Bible Study leader for US president Donald Trump’s cabinet.

Theology: George Sinclair explains that God does not love unconditionally.

More Theology: This month’s Credo magazine deals with the issue of universalism (will all be saved?).

Shameless plug: The Church-planting ministry of my local church will  have a booth at next year’s T4G conference in Louisville. 

Online Reading (Dec. 2, 2019)

Iran: Pray for Iran as they go through some of the worst political violence in 40 years.

Theology: J.D. Greear reflects on how God saves us for His glory.

Blogging: Tim Challies meditates on the continued value of Christian blogging. Maybe I should write real blogs.

Christian Practice: GetReligion draws attention to the way Religious practice can be misunderstood publicly