What Christians are Not.

I know, I know, a big topic, and I’m being a little arrogant in claiming to understand the whole of one of the largest religious groupings in the world. Keep in mind that you’re reading a conservative protestant evangelical. These are just some things I would like non-Christians to keep in mind when talking toContinue reading “What Christians are Not.”

Online Reading (March 14, 2008)

Law: Indian court clears Richard Gere of obscenity. They did not comment on his acting ability. Culture: Is Polyamory the next part of the Anglican “listening process”? Conference: Video is now available for all main sessions at the text and context conference. They are really good talks, but a sizable investment of time (about 80Continue reading “Online Reading (March 14, 2008)”

The Power of Rejoicing (reflection on Phil 4:4-7)

    People often get rather anxious about life generally. Both on personal levels (will I find a good job, will I have somewhere to live, will my marriage continue, etc.) and on global levels (is global warming going to end us all, what about terrorism, etc.). Anxiousness is often thought a good and even anContinue reading “The Power of Rejoicing (reflection on Phil 4:4-7)”

The Death of Faith (or more properly, its murder)

Recently I’ve been frequently faced with the fact that some people face a death in their own faith. Before I start ranting about it, I should point out that everybody has some form of faith, whether it’s faith in the overall meaning of the universe, or the ability of their own intellect to accurately understandContinue reading “The Death of Faith (or more properly, its murder)”