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Online Reading (August 13, 2008)

Weirdness: the Telegraph reports thatAl-Queda in Iraq claims that women buying “suggestive vegetables” like cucumbers is un-Islamic.

Anglicanism: John Stackhouse speaks of the collapse of the world’s largest small group, the Anglican Church

Cultural Weirdness: A gust of wind caused an inflatable dog turd to wreak havoc in Switzerland.

Compassion?: The Unabomber claims that a museum made up of his cabin and materials has relevance for the privacy of his victim’s families. It might have helped their privacy had he not sent their loved ones bombs.

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Online Reading (November 21, 2007)

Iraq: Some Iraqis are returning home. (Note: this is a big deal if the beeb is actually reporting it).

Anglicans: Seems the Church of my birth is inching towards full schism. Unfortunately, neither side of the schism would be an acceptable choice of a Church for me (if you want reasons, you can buy me a coffee and we can talk).

Law: Defamation law too difficult for you here in North America (making you prove real harm, etc.?) Sue in the UK!

Freak Dancing: I may be officially old now, but I’m with Al Mohler on the concept of “Freak Dancing”.