Online Reading, June 23, 2010

Sports: If I don’t begin with Korea’s advance to the second round of the World Cup with their 2-2 draw with Nigeria last evening, I might get lynched.

Freedom of Religion: Apparently in dearborn, handing out information about Christianity to Muslims is “disorderly conduct“. Some also worry that word choices among the Obama administration may reflect a desire to limit freedom of religion…. nah.

Technology: Of course, this can’t be the beginning of a brave new world dystopia. It’s not like people can track your location through your ipod.

Archaeology: Early drawings of the Apostles are found in Rome.

Online Reading (June 30, 2008)

Football (er, Soccer): Much to my chagrin, Spain played beautifully over the weekend, to beat a lacklustre German side (saved from a shellacking only by their goalkeeper) to win Euro 2008, 1-0.

Hockey: The Stanley Cup arrives in my home province. No, I am not going to see it.

Anglicanism: GAFCON final statement means that conservatives vow to fight liberalism in the Anglican Church. I used the CBC story because the debate in the comments section is interesting.

Ethics: A raped 11 year-old gains approval for abortion in Romania, but the Church is split on the decision.

Law: Reason 1,892,476 why you have stupid warnings on everything these days. Man blames manufacturer for his backing over his son in a lawnmower. As we were always told, go for the deep pockets….

Internet: Nicholas Carr asks “is Google is making us stupid?” (His point seems similar to what Neil Postman used to warn us of)