A Return to WordPress (and to blogging)

Well, seems that the mobileme hosting of my website is messed up, so now that I’m deciding to return to blogging, I’m also returning to using wordpress for my blogging. So here I am back blogging on my wordpress account. In any case, my wordpress account has always had more traffic, so it’s probably best […]

Online Reading

Jonathan Edwards: DG has put the audio for the Jonathan Edwards conference a few years back online. Ask John Piper: A new podcast from DG coming soon! Screen Kids?: How do we think about kids raised by computer? Inconceivable!: The Princess Bride at 20 Humour: Fear the singing robot!

A Podcast for Stevie

Okay, sorry for the long time between blogs and stuff. I hope to write more often, especially since I’ve now begun to practice my preaching by using an internet pulpit. Click the above link, and you can see the subscription information for my new podcast (yay!)It’s very definitely a work in progress, and the first […]