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Online Reading (Feb 22, 2022)

In the interest of tracking the news stories I’m thinking about, here are some stories for today:

Ukraine: Things keep getting dicey around Russia/Ukraine tensions, and we in the west need to be praying for our Christian family there.

Rule of Law: The Emergencies Act in Canada is ratified by the Commons. While I’m no fan of the trucker convoy protests, I’m never happy seeing the Rule of Law suspended, and I’m worried that it’s for a series of, largely non-violent,  protests.

Of Prodigals: Tim Challies puts a great point on the problem of Legalism with his re-imagining of the parable of the prodigal Son.

Scriptural Bias: Stephen Kneale does a great examination of the problem of bias in Christian Theology.


Online reading

Online Reading (December 20, 2016)

Nativity Quiz: How well do you know the Nativity story in the Bible? Take this quiz to find out.

Reporting Putin: How can we interpret support for Putin in the west as something other than “extremism”?
Canon Dating: (no, not having coffee with artillery) Michael Kruger argues for an early understanding of a NT scriptural canon.

Marriage Check Up: Kevin DeYoung advises married couples to do a bit of year-end examination of their marriages, and gives some questions to get you started.