Online Reading (October 29, 2007)

Legislation: From the US, why we should be wary of laws written by trial lawyers. Military: So much for Canada’s reputation as a peaceful nation. Baldness: Nice to know my receding hairline has some value for the glory of God. Fashion: Author demands that you “Stop Dressing Your Six Year Old Like a Skank“

Online Reading

Calvinism: Mark Dever continues to ask where all these Calvinists came from. Geo-politics: Phillip Yancey, quoting eminent theolgian Lamin Sanneh, points out (no doubt contraversially) guilt and projection concerning Christian history. Harry Potter: I’m almost glad I’m nowhere near a book store tonight. Books: Here’s an interview with Dave Harvey, who wrote “When Sinners SayContinue reading “Online Reading”

Romance Can’t Fulfill (it’s good, but it’s not God)

So, today I was rolling pennies (ah the joys of working retail), and watching a Gill Deacon rerun on the CBC (Yay, Public Broadcasting). This episode seemed to be focussed on the relationship thing, and despite the fact I wrote a bit onĀ  it recently, I figured I should react openly to it (though nowContinue reading “Romance Can’t Fulfill (it’s good, but it’s not God)”