Online Reading (October 29, 2007)

Legislation: From the US, why we should be wary of laws written by trial lawyers. Military: So much for Canada’s reputation as a peaceful nation. Baldness: Nice to know my receding hairline has some value for the glory of God. Fashion: Author demands that you “Stop Dressing Your Six Year Old Like a Skank”

Beauty in the Beastly

For some reason, I’ve begun to hear two different, but equally disturbing misunderstandings of orthodox Christian theology when it comes to self image. In the first place, when I affirm that I am in fact a beautiful person physically (which I believe myself to be) some people think that I am at that point lacking […]

Online Reading

Calvinism: Mark Dever continues to ask where all these Calvinists came from. Geo-politics: Phillip Yancey, quoting eminent theolgian Lamin Sanneh, points out (no doubt contraversially) guilt and projection concerning Christian history. Harry Potter: I’m almost glad I’m nowhere near a book store tonight. Books: Here’s an interview with Dave Harvey, who wrote “When Sinners Say […]