Online Reading, June 23, 2010

Sports: If I don’t begin with Korea’s advance to the second round of the World Cup with their 2-2 draw with Nigeria last evening, I might get lynched.

Freedom of Religion: Apparently in dearborn, handing out information about Christianity to Muslims is “disorderly conduct“. Some also worry that word choices among the Obama administration may reflect a desire to limit freedom of religion…. nah.

Technology: Of course, this can’t be the beginning of a brave new world dystopia. It’s not like people can track your location through your ipod.

Archaeology: Early drawings of the Apostles are found in Rome.

Online Reading (March 27, 2008)

Islam: Geert Wilders finally releases his openly anti-Islamic film.

Oil: The price of oil goes up to $107 US. I’m glad I don’t own a car.

Catholicism:  Americans ask: Who’s this Pope Benedict guy anyway?

Culture: Does virtual worship actually draw people into the physical Church buildings?

Journalism: Apparently good news is no news on Iraq, a new pew analysis finds

Online Reading (March 13, 2008)

If you like me actually doing these things, thank Newfoundland weather. :-)

Homeschooling: An LA Times editorial sees Homeschooling as elitist and illiberal (avoid snickering here). Al Mohler responds.

Martyrdom: The Chaldean Catholic Archbishop of Iraq is found dead.

Separated at Birth: Irish Calvinist finds out that Ray Comfort (Way of the Master) bears an uncanny resemblance to Pink Panther star Peter Sellers.

Humor:Beware Peer Pressure.

Online Reading (January 3, 2008)

Church: Is the Church making a resurgence in Turkey, through martyrdom?

Conversions: (to Christianity) Are they worse than terrorism?  Some groups in Indonesia think so.

Preaching: Do preachers really do it as opposed to just acclaim it? IrishCalvinist asks.

UFOs: Is Canada facing an invasion of aliens? Reports of UFOs in the North and in PEI. (I agree with one commenter, why can’t people come up with a better hoax given modern technology?)

Online Reading (December 11, 2007)

Manners: A brilliant article by Mark Steyn on rudeness and the what it says about society.

Environment: An Australian professor believes that there should be a tax on having excess children, to better help the planet.

Canada: A young Muslim woman in Canada is murdered, and her father is in custody. There seems to have been a disagreement about her not wearing hijab to school.

Epistemology: A thumping good article on Christian worldview is posted at The Gospel Coalition.

 Anger: Okay, I know that stories in the paper aren’t to be believed at face value. But if you read this story without getting angry, you are a far more gentle person than I.

Online Reading (September 24, 2007)

Worship: John Stackhouse explains why he is not in love with Jesus.

Culture: Referring to Diana West’s new book, Albert Mohler opinies about the extension of adolesence.

More Culture: Canada recieves applications to start Sharia-law banks.

Protest: The military junta is facing religious opposition. Buddhist monks are protesting for the 7th straight day