Online Reading, June 23, 2010

Sports: If I don’t begin with Korea’s advance to the second round of the World Cup with their 2-2 draw with Nigeria last evening, I might get lynched. Freedom of Religion: Apparently in dearborn, handing out information about Christianity to Muslims is “disorderly conduct“. Some also worry that word choices among the Obama administration mayContinue reading “Online Reading, June 23, 2010”

Online Reading, June 22, 2010

Church and Social Media: This article has special interest for me working in Korea where privacy is much less of an expectation. The Church in North Africa: The expulsion of hundreds of Christian foreign workers in Morocco is making for friction with the U.S. State department. The Church in Afghanistan: Pray for our brothers andContinue reading “Online Reading, June 22, 2010”

Despair and Sin

After some discussion, I’m finding that I have to explain what I mean when I say that the rarer form of unprepared heart for the Gospel is despairing sin. Recall that my central understanding of the Gospel is that is at heart about the glory of Jesus Christ and the reign of His kingdom (Matt.Continue reading “Despair and Sin”