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Online Reading (June 25, 2008)

Education: British universities face criticism for awarding degrees to people who in some cases don’t even speak English.

Environment: There is now a debate over the benefit of biofuels.

Culture: After several years of resurgent atheist publishing, the Pew survey reports that in the United States, 92% of people still believe in God.

Books: A new Re:lit website is up. There seem to be new books coming called “books you’ll actually read”

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Online Reading (March 28, 2008)

Environmentalism?: Seems the circus around the seal hunt is beginning again.

History of the Church of England: A la Eddie Izzard. Very irreverent… but funny.

Surfing and Church Planting: Apparently quite similar.

Christian Progressivism: John Stackhouse wonders at the integrity of people who disagree with the doctrinal statements of a Church and yet draw salaries from it.

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Daily Reading (March 17, 2008)

Episcopal Church: The Bruhaha about the deposing of a sitting bishop continues.

Environment: This is kinda disturbing, but why am I thinking of a Seinfeld episode?

Weather: As I finish shovelling yesterday’s snow, I hear about another snowstorm. (at least it’s only predicting HALF A METER of snow over the next 24 hours).

American Politics: Mark Steyn celebrates universal victimhood.

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Online Reading (December 11, 2007)

Manners: A brilliant article by Mark Steyn on rudeness and the what it says about society.

Environment: An Australian professor believes that there should be a tax on having excess children, to better help the planet.

Canada: A young Muslim woman in Canada is murdered, and her father is in custody. There seems to have been a disagreement about her not wearing hijab to school.

Epistemology: A thumping good article on Christian worldview is posted at The Gospel Coalition.

¬†Anger: Okay, I know that stories in the paper aren’t to be believed at face value. But if you read this story without getting angry, you are a far more gentle person than I.