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Online Reading (March 11, 2022)

Some things I have been reading in the midst of this busy week. 

On Ukraine from the ERLC: “Thus far, the leader of Ukraine has shown the world that, contrary to what we’ve seen among many global leaders recently, virtue is not dead”

On “purity culture” from desiringGod: “They may not have dated young or kissed someone before marriage, but they didn’t get to taste what God means by purity either.”

Scotty Smith on praying for an evil ruler: “Father, either bring him to yourself, put him down, or take him out. You are “sovereign over all kingdoms.” You alone are God, You alone are worthy of our adoration, affection, and allegiance.”

On the Bruxy Cavey sandal from Christianity Today:After a three-month-long investigation, Cavey, 57, publicly confessed on Tuesday to an “adulterous relationship.” The church said it amounted to abuse of authority and sexual harassment against a woman under his pastoral counsel, asked him to resign, and removed his teachings from its website.”

ICC reports on the cost paid by some to be Christian online: “The assassination of Iman Sami, who was known as Maria, is suspected to have been retaliation by her family following a TikTok video she posted where she was singing Christian spiritual songs.”

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Online Reading (January 31, 2020)

Bit of a monster post today. There are lots of interesting things going on:

Brexit: Today the European Union loses one state as the UK leaves.

Psychology:  professor claims humans hardwired to dismiss facts inconvenient to their worldview.

Writing: Why is so much Christian writing, er, um, bland?

Free Speech: John Stackhouse criticizes UK cities for barring Franklin Graham from speaking because some strongly disagree with him?

Complementarianism: Should complementarieans call female Church leaders pastors? John Piper says no

Charities Law: Australian lawmakers seek to limit the ability of charities to advocate for their position. 

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Online Reading (Dec. 2, 2019)

Iran: Pray for Iran as they go through some of the worst political violence in 40 years.

Theology: J.D. Greear reflects on how God saves us for His glory.

Blogging: Tim Challies meditates on the continued value of Christian blogging. Maybe I should write real blogs.

Christian Practice: GetReligion draws attention to the way Religious practice can be misunderstood publicly

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Online Reading (March 31, 2016)

God’s Not Dead 2: As a Christian with some legal training, I’m a little apprehensive about how the law and Christian belief will be presented in this film. Though I am happy to see these issues being brought up in the public discourse. Opens this weekend.

Mmmm…. Chicken: I wonder if the purchase of St. Hubert Chicken by Cara foods bodes well for seeing a St.Hubert return to Newfoundland.

Band of Bloggers: If, like me, you’re travelling to T4G in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, a week and a half from now, you might want to check out the Band of Bloggers event. Remember to also listen in on the T4G livestream, it’s sure to be
Prayer Points:
Here in Canada, the problems of First Nations communities are legion. A tragic fire this past week undercores some of the issues. Pray for the strength of Christians who minister to First Nations in Canada, and for concerted, non-paternalistic solutions to the problems.

St. John’s, Newfoundland is dealing with some of the mixed messages that come from some Christian symbols that were flown at government buildings, pray for wisdom for all involved, and that the Gospel