Online Reading, August 30, 2007

Hostages: getreligion has some really good questions surrounding the deal between the Taleban and the South Korean government. (I’d also ask how representative the Korean Council of churches is of the vast diversity of Korean evangelicalism.) Mother Theresa: while Christopher Hitchens welcomes Mother Theresa to the ranks of atheism, Al Mohler comments on the controversy. […]

The Death of Faith (or more properly, its murder)

Recently I’ve been frequently faced with the fact that some people face a death in their own faith. Before I start ranting about it, I should point out that everybody has some form of faith, whether it’s faith in the overall meaning of the universe, or the ability of their own intellect to accurately understand […]

Online Reading

Bridge: Speaking of which, Desiring God has some video of the disaster in Minneapolis with a voiceover of a Piper sermon reflecting theologically from the message “Where is God?”. Calvinism: Mark Dever continues with reason 9 of 10 in “Where’d all these Calvinists come from?”, this episode: John Piper. Abuse: A new ministry calls Christians […]