Online Reading (August 13, 2008)

Weirdness: the Telegraph reports thatAl-Queda in Iraq claims that women buying “suggestive vegetables” like cucumbers is un-Islamic.

Anglicanism: John Stackhouse speaks of the collapse of the world’s largest small group, the Anglican Church

Cultural Weirdness: A gust of wind caused an inflatable dog turd to wreak havoc in Switzerland.

Compassion?: The Unabomber claims that a museum made up of his cabin and materials has relevance for the privacy of his victim’s families. It might have helped their privacy had he not sent their loved ones bombs.

Online Reading (June 30, 2008)

Football (er, Soccer): Much to my chagrin, Spain played beautifully over the weekend, to beat a lacklustre German side (saved from a shellacking only by their goalkeeper) to win Euro 2008, 1-0.

Hockey: The Stanley Cup arrives in my home province. No, I am not going to see it.

Anglicanism: GAFCON final statement means that conservatives vow to fight liberalism in the Anglican Church. I used the CBC story because the debate in the comments section is interesting.

Ethics: A raped 11 year-old gains approval for abortion in Romania, but the Church is split on the decision.

Law: Reason 1,892,476 why you have stupid warnings on everything these days. Man blames manufacturer for his backing over his son in a lawnmower. As we were always told, go for the deep pockets….

Internet: Nicholas Carr asks “is Google is making us stupid?” (His point seems similar to what Neil Postman used to warn us of)

Online Reading (April 19, 2008)

Polygamist Mormons: The train wreck scandal of a misogynistic polygamist cult continues. 

Weather: Today I’m feeling some solidarity with Calgary, though our snow is beginning to go.

Monarchy: 8th in line to the British throne is christened. Will Richard Dawkins call this child abuse?
Episcopalians: Yet another Congregation leaves The Episcopal Church (the American version)

Online Reading (March 28, 2008)

Environmentalism?: Seems the circus around the seal hunt is beginning again.

History of the Church of England: A la Eddie Izzard. Very irreverent… but funny.

Surfing and Church Planting: Apparently quite similar.

Christian Progressivism: John Stackhouse wonders at the integrity of people who disagree with the doctrinal statements of a Church and yet draw salaries from it.

Daily Reading (March 17, 2008)

Episcopal Church: The Bruhaha about the deposing of a sitting bishop continues.

Environment: This is kinda disturbing, but why am I thinking of a Seinfeld episode?

Weather: As I finish shovelling yesterday’s snow, I hear about another snowstorm. (at least it’s only predicting HALF A METER of snow over the next 24 hours).

American Politics: Mark Steyn celebrates universal victimhood.

Online Reading (November 22, 2007)

History: Consultants have reported to the government of Newfoundland and Labrador on how to commemorate pre-confederation history.

Theology: Are some evangelicals Bible-idolators? J.P. Moreland has some thoughts (read carefully).

Anglicanism: As the Anglicans react to the theological differences now becoming apparent in the communion, Lambeth publishes a scorecard of primatial responses.

More Anglicanism: Is the Catholic Church preparing to benefit from the problems?

Online Reading (November 21, 2007)

Iraq: Some Iraqis are returning home. (Note: this is a big deal if the beeb is actually reporting it).

Anglicans: Seems the Church of my birth is inching towards full schism. Unfortunately, neither side of the schism would be an acceptable choice of a Church for me (if you want reasons, you can buy me a coffee and we can talk).

Law: Defamation law too difficult for you here in North America (making you prove real harm, etc.?) Sue in the UK!

Freak Dancing: I may be officially old now, but I’m with Al Mohler on the concept of “Freak Dancing”.