Online Reading (August 13, 2008)

Weirdness: the Telegraph reports thatAl-Queda in Iraq claims that women buying “suggestive vegetables” like cucumbers is un-Islamic. Anglicanism: John Stackhouse speaks of the collapse of the world’s largest small group, the Anglican Church Cultural Weirdness: A gust of wind caused an inflatable dog turd to wreak havoc in Switzerland. Compassion?: The Unabomber claims that aContinue reading “Online Reading (August 13, 2008)”

Online Reading (April 19, 2008)

Polygamist Mormons: The train wreck scandal of a misogynistic polygamist cult continues.  Weather: Today I’m feeling some solidarity with Calgary, though our snow is beginning to go. Monarchy: 8th in line to the British throne is christened. Will Richard Dawkins call this child abuse? Episcopalians: Yet another Congregation leaves The Episcopal Church (the American version)

Online Reading (March 28, 2008)

Environmentalism?: Seems the circus around the seal hunt is beginning again. History of the Church of England: A la Eddie Izzard. Very irreverent… but funny. Surfing and Church Planting: Apparently quite similar. Christian Progressivism: John Stackhouse wonders at the integrity of people who disagree with the doctrinal statements of a Church and yet draw salariesContinue reading “Online Reading (March 28, 2008)”

Daily Reading (March 17, 2008)

Episcopal Church: The Bruhaha about the deposing of a sitting bishop continues. Environment: This is kinda disturbing, but why am I thinking of a Seinfeld episode? Weather: As I finish shovelling yesterday’s snow, I hear about another snowstorm. (at least it’s only predicting HALF A METER of snow over the next 24 hours). American Politics:Continue reading “Daily Reading (March 17, 2008)”