Testing out mobileme

Well, I’m moving shop for 2 months. I have a new website built here, which is allowing a lot of things I can’t very easily do here, all in one place. I may be back, depending on if I decide that mobileme is worth the hundred bucks a year.

Online Reading (August 20, 2009)

Culture: Beloit College publishes this year’s mindset list (things that have always been true for this year’s incoming freshmen) Church: Lorne Gunther asks about the United Church and its purported interest in human rights. Education: Apparently, in liberal Sweden, you can’t have children abstaining from state schools. They’re banning homeschooling. Stats: According to the CBC,Continue reading “Online Reading (August 20, 2009)”

Online Reading (August 19, 2009)

Birth Control: Lifesite is saying that condoms may have mental health implications. Culture: People leaving gangs are getting support in removing tattoos. Religion: I’m now told that preaching from certain passages is hate speech. I’m glad nobody showed up when we discussed Romans 1 in Bible Study Learning: Seems some cruise lines know what peopleContinue reading “Online Reading (August 19, 2009)”