Thoughts on “Velvet Elvis”

This is a Review of Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith, by Rob Bell, (Grand Rapids: Zondervan publishing, 2005) Introduction Sorry this post has taken so long to get to you, my dear readers. I hope and pray that this will be useful to you, and ultimately glorifying to Jesus Christ. I do not thinkContinue reading “Thoughts on “Velvet Elvis””

Online Reading (July 3, 2008)

Philosophy: William Lane Craig talks about the philosphical resurgence of theism. Technology/Law: Beware, your viewing habits are now not only logged on Youtube, but now open for disclosure to third parties. Ethics/Law/Religion: Susan Atkins of the Manson Family (formerly an unrepentant murderer, now Christian) asks to be released so she can die at home ofContinue reading “Online Reading (July 3, 2008)”