Selling our Birthright for a Soul Patch.

I'm not exactly the most affirming person when it comes to the state of Christianity here in my native Newfoundland.¬† For some reason, it seems that believers here have either checked their brains at the door of Christianity, or have so radically acclimatized to the more spurious intellectualism that they can no longer be¬†discernible as … Continue reading Selling our Birthright for a Soul Patch.

Online Reading (July 18, 2008)

Law: Courts in Pakistan say that two kidnapped Christian girls "converted" to Islam and so cannot be returned to their families. Environment: A theological thinking about ecology when we believe the world is going to end. Morality: Albert Mohler comments on Rational Choice Theory as a basis of morality. Campus Ministry: John Stackhouse provides some … Continue reading Online Reading (July 18, 2008)