The Power of Rejoicing (reflection on Phil 4:4-7)

    People often get rather anxious about life generally. Both on personal levels (will I find a good job, will I have somewhere to live, will my marriage continue, etc.) and on global levels (is global warming going to end us all, what about terrorism, etc.). Anxiousness is often thought a good and even anContinue reading “The Power of Rejoicing (reflection on Phil 4:4-7)”

Online Reading (December 11, 2007)

Manners: A brilliant article by Mark Steyn on rudeness and the what it says about society. Environment: An Australian professor believes that there should be a tax on having excess children, to better help the planet. Canada: A young Muslim woman in Canada is murdered, and her father is in custody. There seems to haveContinue reading “Online Reading (December 11, 2007)”