Online Reading, September 28, 2007

(in)Justice: fearful of the desires of their people, the “noble” and powerful Burmese Junta cracks down on peaceful protesters. Technology: Non-gas vehicles come a step closer to reality. Conference: Today I am missing yet another desiringGod conference. At least they’re putting up the audio messages. Evangelism: Al Mohler comments on the newest surge in evangelismContinue reading “Online Reading, September 28, 2007”

Confessions of a Conversion (Samurai Jack, Paul Potts, and Christian Discipline)

Okay, first off the confession. I just bought a CD I never thought I would. It’s a CD by a winner of a TV reality show, and worse the genre is opera. The remainder of this post is going to be my reclaiming of a masculinity that now seemingly lies in tatters. First off, inContinue reading “Confessions of a Conversion (Samurai Jack, Paul Potts, and Christian Discipline)”