Online Reading, September 28, 2007

(in)Justice: fearful of the desires of their people, the “noble” and powerful Burmese Junta cracks down on peaceful protesters. Technology: Non-gas vehicles come a step closer to reality. Conference: Today I am missing yet another desiringGod conference. At least they’re putting up the audio messages. Evangelism: Al Mohler comments on the newest surge in evangelismContinue reading “Online Reading, September 28, 2007”

Confessions of a Conversion (Samurai Jack, Paul Potts, and Christian Discipline)

Okay, first off the confession. I just bought a CD I never thought I would. It’s a CD by a winner of a TV reality show, and worse the genre is opera. The remainder of this post is going to be my reclaiming of a masculinity that now seemingly lies in tatters. First off, inContinue reading “Confessions of a Conversion (Samurai Jack, Paul Potts, and Christian Discipline)”

Sylvanas Windrunner, Undeath and Sin

When Blizzard entertainment developed the later Warcraft universe, I’m seriously doubting that the storyline was intended to provide a useful expression of the doctrine of man, but in the character of Sylvanus Windrunner, that’s precisely what they did. (And no, this is not just an excuse for me to be all geeky about elf girls)Continue reading “Sylvanas Windrunner, Undeath and Sin”

Online Reading, September 25, 2007

Science (?): Guys with deep voices have more kids (they are apparently more attractive too). Politics: Danny Williams (Premier of my province) hopes to double the population of Newfoundland. Oh the fun of elections. Blogs: Here’s why I’m a bad blogger (I don’t write every day) Rant: Man this Driscoll guy can rant.