Romance Can’t Fulfill (it’s good, but it’s not God)

So, today I was rolling pennies (ah the joys of working retail), and watching a Gill Deacon rerun on the CBC (Yay, Public Broadcasting). This episode seemed to be focussed on the relationship thing, and despite the fact I wrote a bit onĀ  it recently, I figured I should react openly to it (though nowContinue reading “Romance Can’t Fulfill (it’s good, but it’s not God)”

Online Reading

Truth (and epistemology): Dr. Russ Moore asks an important question of postmodern emergent, based on his earlier conversation with Tony Jones of Emergent Village. Harry Potter: Seems some of the leaks of the Harry Potter ending are genuine. Theology: Albert Mohler may have an example of what I termed loose thinking Review: Tim Challies reviewsContinue reading “Online Reading”